Dapple Doxie Miniature Dachshunds

  • Welcome to JM KENNEL, home of Dapple Doxie Miniature Dachshunds. We are a small family owned business located 20 miles east of the Rocky Mountain foothills in the small town of Johnstown, Colorado.
  • Our entire family cares for our dogs, including our grandchildren. Our puppies are very well socialized on a daily basis. Our facilities have been marked as ‘one of the best around’ by customers and the Colorado State License Personnel.
  •  All of our puppies are AKC registered. It is our opinion American Kennel Club (AKC) registration is the best registry with the most stringent inspections. The American Kennel Club (AKC) also requires DNA testing of all stud dogs which insures the lineage of our puppies.
  • We prefer to sell our puppies with limited registration (as Pet Only) but at times we will make other arrangements to sell with full AKC breeding rights. JM KENNEL is Colorado State Licensed, County Licensed and we are inspected yearly by the American Kennel Club. We sell our puppies with a One Year Written Health Guarantee, first shots and worming.



We are Licensed in the State of Colorado through PACFA

( Pet Animal Care Facilities Act )


License # PL0015VU



We are inspected by the AKC (American Kennel Club) yearly.



  • Routine AKC field inspections involve several steps. Field agents begin every visit with a tour of the overall facility checking that the dogs as well as the condition of their environment are in good order. Field agents also check the dogs for proper identification, microchip, tattoo or collar tag.

  • After a thorough look at the dogs the field agent will review the breeder’s records, often advising the breeder with options on how to maintain hard copies in addition to using the convenient AKC online record system. Breeders are expected to maintain records for at least five years.

  • AKC randomly selects breeders for inspection yearly. In addition, to the random selection AKC inspects breeders based on written, signed and substantiated complaints.

  • Through kennel visits, inspectors seek to work with breeders to help correct any deficiencies, as well as help new breeders develop effective practices and procedures.

  • If an inspector finds minor deficiencies, the issues are noted and discussed with the breeder in an effort to help the breeder while at the same time meeting AKC’s requirements in the future. While the AKC does not have penal or regulatory authority, breeders who have major kennel deficiencies may lose AKC privileges (ability to register dogs or compete in events). In some cases, fines will be imposed, AKC privileges may be suspended and appropriate law enforcement authorities contacted.

  • The standard penalty for anyone convicted of animal cruelty involving dogs is a 10-year suspension and a $2,000 fine.

  • Contact the Compliance dept: AKC Investigations and Inspections, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100. Raleigh, NC 27617-3390. Phone: (919) 816-3629, Fax: (919) 816-4246


E-mail Us: janemarie58@gmail.com







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