PUPPIES FROM THE PAST ______________________________________________________________________________________________


DSC00722 Blue eyed Reverse Silver Dapple Long Coat- going home to Wyoming
 Reece son "Charlie"  Reece and Noah son “Charlie” … Reverse Sliver and Tan Dapple


double dapple girl

…..as a baby ….as an adult
 doxie past pictures  BEAUTIFUL BABIES!
 Camo (Roxxy_Noah)  “CAMO”  Born October 31, 2012 (Roxxy and Noah son)
 Ace... this is then.  Tucker-Pixie and Moses baby 8_13
 Tucker (Ace) as a baby……  Tucker at One year old……(mom is Pixie and Dad is Moses)
 Buster and Dee Dee baby girl Estella Dior  Estella Dior… a Dee Dee and Buster baby born 9/14/2014
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